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"Bill-UPS" LLC is experienced team of professionals on Ukrainian fuel market. We offer a complex approach to solving tasks of our clients.

Relying on our own experience and using the latest world developments, we have constructed about a hundred of gas filling stations throughout Ukraine. According to the new trends in the construction of gas stations, we have developed specifications for the manufacture of modular filling station with underground tank. Our stations equipped with modern certified equipment produced by leading companies in the world. oUR solution can significantly reduce building area required for placement of station, simplifies commissioning and reduces the cost of civil works. Also, L.L.C. "Bill-UPS" is the first Ukrainian company that constructed station with one underground tank and 4 pumping units, with a combined multiproduct dispenser. What can simultaneously refuel LPG up to 8 cars.

Our company has service centers in Kyiv, Lviv secured all the necessary tools and devices for repair and diagnostic of equipment. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with  "Trade company" Yuventa ", which is the official supplier of fuel dispensers TATSUNO Bench in Ukraine, our employees received training and the necessary qualifications for their repair and maintenance.

At present, our company provides services for more than 100 objekts all over Ukraine. 

Our main customers are the leading Ukrainian fuel dealers such as: JSC "Galnaftogaz" (OKKO TM), LLC "BRSM-Nafta", LLC "Avtopetrolium" (tm "KLO"), LLC "UPK-Evroplyus."
LLC "Bill-UPS"
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